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TFT Private Label

TFT Perfume

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In collaboration with Zingaro.

There are currently three scents in the TFT Perfume family.

Leila, created by owner, Mackenzie Firby, was inspired by her late mother, Chris.

The scent evokes memories and remembrance.

Alexis and Jade are scents that honour Mackenzie۪s two nieces.



Nostalgia and remembrance of a precious soul.

She is sweet and bright. Feel the warmth of the sun and be whisked away with a hint of bergamot and Italian lemon.

She is one with nature. Rejoice in your grandmother۪s gardens as you are enveloped by Rose Di Mai and Geranium flowers.

She is grounded and cultured. Let the fragrance of Oud Wood bring fond memories of her rural roots.

She is beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring.

She is remembered always.

She is Leila.

Top Note: Bergamot and Italian Lemon

Heart Note: Rose Di Mai and Geranium

Base Note: Oud Wood and Oakmoss



The enticing scent of the Italian countryside transcends you to images of sandy beaches and summertime bliss.

The beauty of citrus orchards beacons you. Your mind wanders through fields of lavender, recapturing the essence of youth.

Immersed in a lusty experience with lasting hints of grassy vetiver and earthy patchouli youthfulness erupts.

Summer, beaches, nature and eternal youth.

She is Alexis.

Top Note: Pettigrain and Yuzo

Heart Note: Neroli and Lavender Absolute

Base Note: Patchouli and Vetiver



Visions of ancient Rome are accentuated in this unique blend of juniper and mimosa.

Goddesses of love and romance are embraced in the exotic and luxurious experience of Orris root and the Lantana flower.

Frankincense and Myrrh evoke memories of history in this alluring, lingering scent.

Upscale, historic, luxurious and romantic.

She is Jade.

Top Note: Juniper Berry and Cardamom

Heart Note: Orris Root and Lantana

Base Note: Frankincense and Myrrh